Who knew that we would want to forget?

Memory and forgetfulness

Who knew that we would want to forget?


Following up from our last post that highlighted Scott Small’s research, forgetting can be very beneficial for our health and our relationships. He explains that by forgetting we are pruning pathways in our brain, thus leaving the good memories intact and easily accessible. 


The research reveals by staying socially engaged and connecting with others we ensure that our brain doesn’t just focus on preserving the bad memories. By collecting and filling the brain with the fun and feel good memories, the brain has to prune the pathways to the bad memories to make room to store all the incoming memories. This could be helpful for someone who has a diagnosis of PTSD. This way we can fill our brains up with the fun/feel good memories to create a more positive mindset. 


Not surprisingly,  good quality sleep is essential for our brains to function optimally. When we sleep we assist our brains in the forgetful process as it trims memories to ensure that there is space for new memories, new connections and new growth to occur.


Keep these thoughts in mind next time you give yourself a bad time about forgetting! Additionally, if you would like additional assistance with your relationships, contact Safe and Sound Therapeutics to set up an appointment.

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