Ways to calm down racing thoughts

In an article on Psychology Today, Robert Taibbi, L.C.S. W., explains that by slowing down and focusing on the present, you can slow down the racing anxious thoughts. Especially all the possible what-ifs thoughts to every scenario. You can do this by practicing breathing techniques, meditation and exercise, all which can bring you back into the present moment. 


If and when your brain tells you that every decision is of the utmost importance, consider taking a step back and prioritizing. What to make for dinner doesn’t need the same brain power or take up so much time to make a decision such as something that could be a bit more life changing such as deciding if you are going to move or not. 


If and when the time comes where we strive for perfectionism, connect with yourself as to what a mistake will mean to you. It’s probably not the end of the world in the greater scheme of things to make a mistake, everyone does it. Remind yourself that and give yourself some grace if a mistake is to occur in your day.


If control is something that you strive for, give yourself some time for awareness about this. Are you worried about something and feel the need for control to quell this anxiety? If so, challenge yourself to gently release that need for control and try to let the situation unfold and go with the flow. Be aware that this may cause you to feel quite anxious and that’s okay. 


If you would like more support with your anxiety and controlling your thought patterns, connect with Safe and Sound Therapeutics.

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