Walk & Talk Therapy With Michele

Walk & Talk Therapy

Walk & Talk Therapy

Michele has been a community and competitive coach for the past ten years. This experience is pivotal in shaping Michele’s therapeutic modality. 

Michele offers a holistic integrated approach to counselling. She understands that our emotional well being is closely tied to our physical health and mental wellness. As a result Michele offers Walk and Talk Therapy where fresh air, nature and movement are part of each session. 

Nature Heals Us

She is a fully certified Walk & Talk Therapist. When you book in with Michele, you will notice the relationship you have with yourself is enhanced because you will feel more grounded and centered. Being in regular touch with the earth and nature is scientifically proven to bring greater clarity and clearer thinking to our brains and bodies. This biological connection is at the heart of Michele’s approach. 

If you are a student who sits for long periods of time, or if you are diagnosed with ADHD, Walk & Talk Therapy is an excellent approach for you. 

Your Body is Consciousness

Through the pandemic Michele recognized the increased need for counselling service with her athletes and decided it was time to complete her degree to be of service to more people. She takes an empathetic approach to her work with others and understands we all start our journey at different stages. 

Outside of the clinic Michele continues to coach a varying range of athletes and loves spending time with her family and two dogs in nature.

Visit our booking site today and get into nature with Michele.

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