Tips to making those New Year’s Resolutions stick

According to the American Psychological Association, New Year’s resolutions are meant to serve as a reflection of last year’s behaviour and a promise to yourself to make positive lifestyle changes. This is how resolutions should be thought of instead of envisioning our resolution as a dramatic character change. See below for a couple tips for how to make those resolutions stick throughout the year! 

  1. Start small. As per our last post, create small attainable goals that lead to your large goal, which is your New Year’s resolution. 
  2. Change one behaviour at a time. It takes a moment for your body to adjust and to change behaviour to rebuild your routine. Set yourself up for success by implementing one change every couple weeks or months to avoid feeling overwhelmed. 
  3. Talk about it (to everyone)! Friends and family would love to hear about your experiences, struggles and successes as you hit your goals. If talking to friends and family about your resolutions does not align with you, try joining a support group or group of coworkers with the same goal. By sharing with others, you are keeping yourself accountable and this will assist you in reaching your goals. 
  4. Don’t beat yourself up. No one is perfect and we are all on our own journey. Recover from mistakes and get back on track instead of giving up completely. Remember success isn’t a straight line, there are lots of ups and downs to your path. 
  5.  Ask for support. It is okay to accept help from others who care about you. Venting about your struggles and sharing your success with others strengthens your resilience and ability to manage stress caused by your resolution. 

Reach out to Safe and Sound Therapeutics for strategies to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions and for further support. 

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