Things to think about when engaging with technology

Things to think about when engaging with technology


In our last post, we suggested shutting off technology before bed, but what would our days look like and how would we feel if we tuned in less to technology, especially our phones? Let’s take a dive into a Psychology Today article. 

In the article “Strategies for a Mindful Engagement with Technology” by Mike Brooks, Ph.D., he explains that most of these tech companies such as Snapchat, Amazon and Instagram employ psychologists, neuroscientists and other experts in their fields to ensure that we interact and continually interact with their technology. The more interactions we have with the app, the more data is collected to refine their algorithm. Through persuasive design that is created to catch our attention, social media exploits the more primitive parts of the brain. By employing mechanisms such as classical conditioning, variable reinforcement schedules and supernormal stimuli, the primitive brain is hooked, therefore we keep scrolling, sometimes way past our bedtime. 

Interesting food for thought, next time you find yourself on social media and other technology. 

Check out our next post on how to be mindful with your technology! 

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