The Power of the Pause

Pausing before reacting is the number one thing you can do to make a difference in how you react. Though easy in theory, it is difficult to apply to your daily life. Applying the pause can dramatically change the outcome of a situation and create healthy boundaries in your life. How many of you receive a work related email or text outside your working hours? Or get cut off while driving? Or your significant other blames you for something that you don’t feel is fair?

Next time one of the above scenarios happens to you, pause, reflect, then respond and see how the outcome changes. Will it escalate the same way, or can it be resolved in a calm manner?  Such as; does the work related email or text need to be replied to as soon as you receive it? Creating that pause and boundary lets others know that you respect their time and yours outside of work. Now, we can all agree that getting cut off while driving is annoying,  and for some (or most) the initial reaction is anger. But what if next time, we pause, take a deep breath and then check in with how we are feeling? Would that feeling of anger still be there after the pause? The next time you and your significant other have opposing thoughts or discuss a serious matter, what if instead of going at it back and forth fuelled by adrenaline, you both agree to disagree and come back to the discussion at a later time? Would you appreciate their responses in the same way?

Though harder to apply in our daily lives, invite yourself to apply the pause into your daily life and see if the outcomes to situations change.  

If you or someone you know would like more assistance with applying the pause into their daily life, contact Safe and Sound Therapeutics. 

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