The Power of Attachment Styles


Have you heard about attachment styles? This attachment system is a biological process that relates to everything we do in our lives, especially with our relationships with others. Note that the attachment style we have is one that we have curated and has evolved to keep us safe. A secure attachment style is ideal, however if this does not describe you at this moment, know that attachment styles can evolve. There are four kinds of attachment styles: 


  1. Secure attachment: these people are okay both in connection with others and on their own
  2. Avoidant attachment: these people usually keep intimacy at arm’s length or diminish the importance of their relationships 
  3. Ambivalent attachment: these people usually deal with a significant amount of anxiety about relationships and feeling secure in being loved or have their needs be met
  4. Disorganized attachment: these people usually have excess fear and can get stuck in a threat response


Keep following our posts as we cover each attachment style in depth!  

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