In his book, “The Boy Crisis”, Warren Farrell PhD focuses on boys and why many of them are struggling in today’s society and schools. 

In his extensive and well researched book, Dr. Farrell explains the dangers of a dad-deprived son. Farrell also reviews various studies definitively proving the positive impact a father ‘s involvement creates in a boy’s life. This is an excellent book for any parent to read, father or mother. 

Dr. Farrell explains the causes, solutions, and the optimal amount of father involvement under various conditions. 

One important example he offers is, “if children cannot live with both parents together, then children that have about equal time with both parents are about as well off as those in which the parents remained married”. This is backed up by research. 

If you are going through divorce, think twice about trying to claim full guardianship of the children or reducing father time. 

After reading this book, I believe that you will see the importance of Dad in your kid’s lives.

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