Teens and Dating


It’s a bit daunting when you imagine your teen dating. You hope you taught them well so that  they are kind, treat the other person with respect and support their partner. New findings show that in teens, parts of the brain that are responsible for self-control, judgement and emotions are still developing during the time they enter the dating world.

How does a parent instill the values of healthy relationships into their teen? What are characteristics of a healthy relationship in teens and how do you communicate this? 

According to the Parent Handbook by the Center for Healthy Teen Relationships, characteristics of a healthy relationship include; respect, safety, support, individuality, acceptance, honesty and trust in addition to communication. 

As a parent, the most effective way you can teach your teen is to display a positive relationship in your life and allow for an open avenue for communication with your teen. Like most younger people, it appears that they are not listening or watching you, however, in most cases they are. You, as the parent, provide an essential role in providing a good example and teaching your teen the importance of healthy relationships. 

For more information check out this handbook: https://idvsa.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/High-School-Parent-Handbook.pdf

If you or your teen would like to talk to someone about this, contact Safe and Sound Therapeutics to learn more. 

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