Taking A Step Toward Yourself

“Walk to your centre. This is the only place that truly exists”. -shauna paynter

We often talk about the four directions (East, South, West and North). Sometimes this is known as the Sacred Hoop. It has has been used by generations of various Native American tribes for health and healing.

In my imagination, there is something missing in this teaching. It was there in ancient stories and teachings but has been somewhat forgotten about today.

The Sacred Fifth.

This represents the hidden centre of the world, the original source of wholeness and renewal. Metaphorically, it represents me (and you) as having a centre which contains a source of  regeneration and knowing. This is the fifth direction.

It is in this hidden centre (0f ourselves) where the living source of our vitality resides. A very humanistic principal indeed. Where all that is needed, is found within. The idea of tapping into this flowing well-source of creativity and ancient knowing is very possible if you take the time to go inward.

There are many paths we can take in order to enter our Sacred Fifth.

  • Be still (mind & body) for 10 minutes per day, away from a screen or a phone.
  • Learning a new skill (positive hobby) and accessing your creativity.
  • Engage is specific breath work can physically calm your body and refresh your mind.
  • Gentle yoga poses, that can be incorporated throughout the day at regular intervals.
  • Prayer.

Join me and Lea Ivanitz B.Ed. on Tuesday nights

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A free hour of learning to access your Self.

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