Suffering and Sadness: Necessary Ingredients for Joy

“The Other Side of Happiness: Embracing a More Fearless Approach to Living”, a book written by Bastian, suggests that suffering and sadness are necessary ingredients for happiness. He notes that “the most thrilling moments in our lives are often balanced on a knife edge between pleasure and pain”.

Our addiction to positivity and the pursuit of pleasure is actually making us miserable. Without some pain, we have no real way to achieve and appreciate the kind of happiness that is true and transcendent. Yale psychologist Paul Bloom has also been making sense of the “pleasures of suffering.”

Being in pain or going through a difficult time does not mean you cannot experience joy or happiness within your life. Using acceptance and commitment therapy we learn to contact the present moment, and this is where our joy and reverence reside. This is all part of our learning within Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Are you living with physical or psychological pain? Call Shauna today, and book an appointment to explore how you may find joy within your life.

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