Struggle With Generalized Anxiety? ACT Is The Answer

Anxiety, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, ACT

Evidence-Based Treatment For Generalized Anxiety Disorders


I support individuals experiencing generalized anxiety, post-traumatic stress syndrome and depression using Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). This empirically-proven method of intervention focuses on discovering and understanding your values. We then refine these down to your CORE values and it is from here that we base your goals and actions.

Skill Development Over Time

Woven throughout ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) is mindfulness. Mindfulness training is a big part of ACT, which effectively addresses issues of emotional regulation, self-regulation including the Pause, Notice, Accept of what might be flowing through us in any given moment. Tools for dealing with crisis situations or overwhelming anxiety are covered and practiced.

Somatically-Based Approach

I have earned Bachelor degrees in Science and Education with a focus on Biology, from the University of British Columbia. I am very somatically based in my practice. Furthermore, completion of a Master of Art in Transpersonal Psychology, has brought me to a deep knowing of what it means to effectively serve and support others in need.


As part of my work in this world, I apply Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Training to families raising a child (or children) diagnosed with autism or other pervasive developmental disorders. As a mother myself, with two sons diagnosed with autism, I possess direct lived experience of navigating through chaos and difficult behaviours. I had to first learn how to manage my own beliefs, anxieties, depressions and grief as a parent faced with ubiquitous challenges.


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