Strategies for ADHD – Part 2!


Strategies for ADHD – Part 2!

Part 2 of 2:

– Devise coping mechanisms: Anything from listening to a specific song to counting backward from 30 could help reduce the impact of sensory overload.

– Establish a routine: Some people create a “sensory diet” This is a series of scheduled activities designed to help with the individual’s needs and prevent overwhelming them. People primarily use it with kids, but it can be effective for adults as well.

– Consult with a primary care physician: A doctor may provide mental health resources, anti-anxiety medication, or antidepressants if needed depending on your unique situation.

– Create a calm environment: It can be beneficial to eliminate known sensory triggers, such as certain types of lighting, coarse textures, or loud sounds.

– Introduce new activities in the right way: For those who become stimulated by loud sounds, it is advisable to introduce new activities in a calm, slow manner. For those who need more stimulation, people can make something mundane seem more exciting or fun by incorporating music, dance, or another activity to increase engagement.

– Exercise: Exercise can reduce pent up energy and help diminish sensitivity to background noise.

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