showing gratitude

When we think of showing gratitude we usually think internally and focus on how to create this appreciation feeling within us. However, when we express gratitude we can give that  great gift to others and make their day just a little bit better. 


Tony Robbins explains that we d0n’t have to make grand gestures or spend grand amounts of money to show others that we are truly grateful for them. He encourages us to trade our expectations for appreciation and learn how to show a little bit of gratitude each and every day. 


Here’s a list of a couple things you can do to show gratitude to those around you: 


  1. Make a phone call – because who doesn’t love to hear from a loved one? I know I do
  2. Write a note – when was the last time you wrote a note on a piece of paper to someone? Or received a letter/note on paper from someone? 
  3. Give a compliment – show appreciation in a couple nice words to a coworker, customer service person or someone you are standing next to in line
  4. Get together – connect in person with a pal and go for a walk or grab a coffee 
  5. Show up – take interest in something that they love and/or be a good listener if they need support 
  6. Make them food – a simple action that most often people appreciate 
  7. Give them a gift – a coffee, flowers or a practical gift such as a flashlight can show that you care for them 


Check out our next post for more ways to show gratitude! 

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