Showing Gratitude


Continuing on from our previous post check out the list below for a couple more ideas of how to show gratitude to those around you: 


  1. Get creative – a homemade gift can go a long way and be especially meaningful to the recipient. 
  2. Use their gifts – display their framed photo or use their gift card so next time you meet up with them you can tell them how much you appreciate it. 
  3. Share what you have – with loved ones or those less fortunate
  4. Run an errand – time is precious and lending time to others usually makes them feel appreciated 
  5. Be present – arguably one of the greatest gifts you can give someone is your undivided attention
  6. Celebrate their success – sending a note, or showing up in person shows that you notice their accomplishments
  7. Tell someone else – verbally expressing gratitude to others can take two seconds and can make someone’s day 


Try an idea from the list and see how showing gratitude can make a positive impact on your day!

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