Relationships and the Holidays

As the snow is falling and we are well into the holiday season, it’s important to remember your partner and your relationship are still a priority. Christmastime  is the time of year that can potentially be overwhelming and the priority list may shift from your partner to others and/or participating in the festivities.  However, there are a couple strategies that one can use this holiday season to let your partner know that they are important to you. Firstly, ask your partner what is important about the holidays for them. For some it can be uncomfortable to put their needs first, but it’s important so both partners can fully enjoy the holiday season by doing activities that they love. Secondly, create boundaries and be deliberate with your choices. It’s okay to say no to a dinner or function as well as cap your holiday budget. A great question to ask yourself is; will this matter in 20 years from now? Most often the answer is no. An important point to note is that saying No to the extras can often make the difference between feeling overjoyed and overwhelmed. Additionally, schedule a minimum of 1o minutes per day to focus exclusively on your partner in conversation or otherwise. Schedule it in your calendar if need be! Uninterrupted time with your partner will help you reconnect and communicate that your partner is a priority. Bonus points if you take a walk with your partner during this time. Exercise and connectivity! Lastly, discuss the use of liquor and other indulgences before attending a get together with others. Discuss how to enjoy a social event with your partner’s experience in mind as when you are out with your partner to some degree you are representing both individuals.

If any of these are a challenge for yourself and your partner, consider connecting with Safe and Sound Therapeutics for a Couples Counselling Session.

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