As mentioned in previous posts, reframing your thoughts can be a helpful tool in your daily life. But what exactly is reframing and how can it help us?  According to TalkSpace, reframing, in a therapeutic sense, is looking at a situation, thought or feeling from another angle. It provides another angle or perspective to what you are experiencing. Most of our perspectives and thought patterns are based on a reaction that is most often fueled by emotion. These emotions that we experience are usually rooted in old sequences that may not be of assistance to you anymore. By changing your perspective or reframing the situation, thought or feeling, you can adjust and eventually break down these emotional patterns that no longer serve you. Reframing is a tool that you can use from your mental health toolbox when automatic thoughts or assumptions come up. By utilizing this too, it can assist you to feel more control over your thoughts and mind. 

Reach out to Safe and Sound Therapeutics for more information on how to add reframing techniques to your mental health toolbox.

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