With everything going on right now, why not reach for a book to take a well deserved break from reality. Reading is a fantastic way to escape, however when was the last time we reached for a book? If reading a paperback book doesn’t align with you or isn’t easily accessible, try downloading a book or audio book on your tablet or Kindle.


Reading fiction, short stories and graphic novels has been found to assist with building empathy; the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. This seems like a pretty great skill to have! Kids and adults alike can invest in themselves and grow as humans to be kinder and feel for others by just reading a book. With so many characters and stories out there, it shouldn’t be hard to head to a second hand store, bookstore or library to find one or two books that peak your interest. In the Stress Less book by Helaine Becker, she states that children grow up to be more caring and less judgmental with others.

So next time you find yourself reaching for the remote or phone, think about reaching for a book to provide some escapism and get lost in the pages. 

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