The Professional Quality of Life Scale (PROQOL) is a tool for those that are in the helping and caring for others professions. It’s a quick questionnaire that assesses if you are feeling compassion satisfaction, burnt out, or  compassion fatigue. Try filling out the questions in the next couple of days and then do another one in a couple of weeks to compare how you score. 


This assessment can be used as a check in to see how you are dealing with the stresses around you. Maybe you are handling most things well by balancing compassion for those around you and prioritizing yourself? Maybe you score in the burnt out range, which can be a friendly reminder to slow down and take time for yourself? Or maybe you are in the compassion fatigue point range and it is time to look into how prolonged trauma at work is having a major effect on your well being? 


Wherever you score in the questionnaire, make note of it and how you are feeling the day you complete it. Remind yourself that taking the time out of your day to check in on yourself is important. 


Here’s the link for the questionnaire:

If you have more questions about the assessment tool and would like to talk to a counselor, feel free to connect with Safe and Sound Therapeutics. 


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