Parenting with no drama?

Parenting with no drama?


“The pause between reactive and responsive is the beginning of choice, intention and skillfulness as a parent.”


This is a quote from the No-Drama Discipline Workbook by Daniel Siegel M.D., and Tina Bryson M.D. They invite us to reflect on how we interact with our children and how the disciplinary actions we take affect them.  Frustrations and exhaustion arise in all parents and guardians therefore surviving this difficult moment is a necessity. By having the right tools and a consistent strategy, parents can respond to a child’s meltdown in an appropriate disciplinary manner. 


In the No-Drama Discipline Workbook they suggest asking yourself 3 questions when responding to your kid’s unwanted behaviors. 


  1. Why did my child act this way?
  2. What lesson do I want to teach at this moment? 
  3. How can I best teach this lesson?


Check out our next post for a deeper dive into these questions! Or connect with us at Safe and Sound Therapeutics for further guidance with parenting.

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