Own your attention


Dr. Amishi Jha, Peak Mind: Find Your Focus, Own Your Attention, Invest 12 Minutes a Day, explains that your attention can be thought of like a flashlight. Where you point the flashlight (your attention) becomes brighter, highlighted and more salient. Dr. Jha shares that multi-tasking is actually your brain switching between tasks at a rapid pace. As you guessed, this  has a negative impact on us. Especially our performance, accuracy and mood are compromised when multi-tasking. Since we only have one brain, therefore one flashlight, it can only shine bright on one task at a time.  Now knowing this, it’s no surprise when you have a day consisting of lots of task switching or switching between tasks, things can go array.  Consequently, you will start to have less integrity in any of the states your attention is in, ultimately causing you to become slower, more error prone and emotionally worn down. 

Check tomorrow’s post for how this knowledge can impact our daily lives! 

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