Multi-tasking… helping or hurting you

Multi-tasking... helping or hurting you

Multi-tasking… helping or hurting you


Now that we know that our attention is like a flashlight and how task switching can negatively affect our performance, how can we apply this to our daily life? 


Case and point: think about the times where you were studying for school and had a tv show playing in the background, or watching a tv show and scrolling on your phone, or listening to someone talk while looking up directions? Some would say you are saving time by doing two tasks at once. Or multi-tasking and being productive? However, are you truly multitasking or is your brain hustling to switch between tasks to keep you engaged in both? Do you remember all the details from both tasks while you are attending to both tasks? Were you able to complete both tasks error free and efficiently? 


The answer is probably no, and that is okay. Next time you try to take on the to-do list and think you can complete both tasks during the same time, take a moment to pause and remember the flashlight. It could lead you to complete one task at a time in a quicker pace! Connect with Safe and Sound Therapeutics for more focusing tips!

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