Mindsight – the key to increasing your Emotional and Social Intelligence


Dr. Siegel created the term, Mindsight, to describe our human capacity to perceive the mind of self and others. This one term allows us to “name and tame” the emotions we are experiencing rather than being overwhelmed by them. For example, note the difference between saying “I am sad” vs. “I feel sad.” When you say “I am sad” it is a kind of limited self-definition. When you say “I feel sad” it implies the ability to recognize and acknowledge a feeling without being consumed by it. When you apply your Mindsight skill you make it possible to see what is inside, accept it, and in the accepting to let it go and then to transform it. Neuroscience has found that how we focus our attention shapes the structure of the brain regardless of your age. Therefore, when you apply Mindsight skills into your daily life, you are actually changing the structure of your brain. Next time you are having a not so great day or someone cuts you off in traffic, think twice about what you say to yourself. Instead of saying “I am mad or  sad,” think “I feel mad or sad” to shift your attention with Mindshift. 


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