Mindful Engagement with Technology


Psychology Today put forth a method called the Mindful Engagement with Technology (MET). The idea behind MET, created by Mike Brooks, Ph.D.,  is that we use technology to meet our needs in an effective manner. Therefore, reducing the compulsive and habitual use of technology that interferes with in-person interaction, sleep and physical activity. Try out these small changes to get a big pay off in happiness!


  1. Screen time – utilize this feature on iPhones to track screen time and set limits. If you exceed your screen time limit you can always bypass it, however it’s a friendly reminder when the “exceeded screen time for today” pop up occurs on your phone. 
  2. Do not disturb – utilize this feature during working hours, when you’re exercising or whenever else you need to not be distracted or disturbed
  3. Turn off notifications – The less our phones light up and notify us about an email or text, the less we check it. For example, turn off the notifications for Instagram or Email so you check the apps when you want to
  4. Out of sight, out of mind – Put your phone in another room to show others you are interacting with that they are a priority. You can then focus just on them instead of your brain continually switching your focus from them to the phone and back 
  5. Walk don’t text – When walking from the car to your destination, put down the phone to enjoy nature and the couple minutes outside, free of the screen. Also you can then focus on looking where you are going! 


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