Mental fitness


Now that we know what mental fitness is, how does it help us in our daily lives? It’s actually more than we know! The more that we strengthen the neural pathways that lead to the most realistic and objective thoughts the more you can experience positive emotions on a regular basis instead of negative thoughts. 


But how does this happen? This is due to neuroplasticity, therefore the more that we feed negative thoughts and behaviors the more likely they are to occur. However, when you are mentally fit, you have the ability to take a moment to pause, remain calm and respond in a way that you would like. Additionally you will feel more confident, resilient and energized with a stronger mental fitness. 


Another major benefit of mental fitness is that you have a greater chance of lowering your symptoms of stress, anxiety, burnout and depression. This is especially important in today’s world. 


Check out our next post on how to increase your mental fitness!

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