Lessons to Learn


Following up to our previous post, here are 5 important things Mel Robbins learned from screwing up: 


  1. Stuff happens – What comes up must come down. This is a good time to find a way to regain perspective. Remind yourself that most things are not permanent. This too shall pass. 
  2. Own it – Nobody cares as much as you do. Or they don’t even care. Remind yourself to shrug your shoulders and find humour in the situation. The humour might take awhile but it will come. 
  3. You are human – This means you are allowed to make mistakes and  feel frustrated. Also you are allowed to apologize and ask for forgiveness. You are allowed to feel all the feels. 
  4. Remember the 15% rule – Researchers have found the ‘sweet spot’ for learning is getting things 85% right. Which means you are supposed to screw up 15% of the time. Remind yourself that if you have one good screw up a week, you’re hitting that 15% mark that researchers are talking about!
  5. Listen to this – Worrying is a hackable thing, remind yourself about all the great things you do on a daily basis!

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