Screwing up

It's okay to screw up

Screwing up


What is your initial reaction when you screw up at work or school? Do you say unkind things to yourself? Or do you tell yourself that everyone does mess up from time to time? Do you move on right away or wallow in self – pity and reflection? 


Mel Robbins, author of the 5 Second Rule, recently posted in her newsletter how she felt so guilty about screwing up in her work life. She related it to a volcano erupting inside of her. It was about an email that was sent incorrectly and she was furious with herself then hastily sent out an apology. To her shock, she then received hundreds of messages back from people telling her “it’s okay” and “it was good to know that other people mess up too.” 


Because who hasn’t sent an email and forgot the attachment? Or spelt someone’s name wrong? 


If this happens to you, tell yourself that you are human and it is okay. Everyone has done this at one time or another. 


Check out our next post about 5 things Mel Robbins learned about screwing up. 


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