Coping with triggers

Coping with triggers?


When triggering situations arise, how can you cope? Most often this emotional processing with begins with therapy, however see below for a list of effective and healthy coping strategies for decreasing the impact of triggers: 


  • Calling on your social support: Connect with a trusted friend or family member to discuss how you are feeling and receive support
  • Deep breathing exercises: Channel your focus to inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth 10 times to create calmness
  • Exercise: Move your body, either inside or outside, to change your environment and your state
  • Expressive writing: Jot down your thoughts in a couple sentences or pages to identify how you feel
  • Keeping a journal: This can be helpful to show if there is a pattern of triggers 
  • Mindfulness meditation: Whether you use an app or have your own way, try holding space to meditate 

By focusing on and mastering a coping strategy, you can detach from the trigger and empower yourself. 

Reach out to Safe and Sound Therapeutics for more information on how to cope with triggers.

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