Hugging influences mental health


Can giving yourself or someone else a hug change your state of mind? The answer is yes! 


According to an article by Sebastian Ocklenburg, Ph.D., posted on Psychology Today there is new research showing that getting hugged by others, and also hugging yourself may reduce stress hormones. Hugging yourself and/or others decreases your cortisol levels and can reduce the negative effects of stress. 


As well it was found that longer hugs are perceived as more enjoyable than longer hugs.  In the study done by Anna L. Dueren and her team, they found that the optimal hug time was between 5 seconds. 


Additionally, older or elderly people who receive occasional hugs tend to feel better about their overall health. 


Consider these new findings above next time you are feeling like it’s “one of those days” or when you give a friend, family member or stranger a hug! 

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