emotional flooding

Fight emotional flooding


There are a couple tactics to counteract the feelings of emotional flooding. Next time you are feeling psychologically and physically overwhelmed during conflict try to accept the idea that your perception will be skewed when interacting with someone in your flooded state. 


The Gottman Institute suggests that picturing your partner at their best can shift your focus when trapped in a negative story in your brain. They also suggest pausing and turning inward. This could look like taking a deep breath and reminding yourself that this moment will pass. Taking an extended time out can also be helpful to take some time to use gentle self- talk to reorient yourself and take a break from the interaction. It’s important to use the time out to actively soothe yourself rather than obsess and ruminate over what went wrong in the initial situation. 


If you would like additional strategies to fight emotional flooding, feel free to connect with us at Safe and Sound Therapeutics!

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