Being subjected to stressful winds is extremely important in a tree’s natural growth and development. Something called “stress wood” is added to the infrastructure of the tree as it endures difficult and tumultuous weather conditions. Ultimately, stress wood becomes the core strength of the tree. In fact, for a tree to flourish and grow to its greatest potential it must be exposed to poor weather and bad storms. 

How can we relate this to our own development? 

Great growth relies on uncertainty and unfavourable conditions. If you read biographies of famous people you will discover that many of them endured highly distressing situations. It was this distress and misfortune that helped them become who they are today.

If you relate this concept of “Trees Need Bad Weather” to flourish to your own personal growth and development what do you notice? Misfortune and difficulties may have created strength in you that would not otherwise be present. Think back to a difficult time in your life and reflect upon what it built in you and is now part of your infrastructure.

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