Over the past couple of years there has been lots of talk about healthy coping mechanisms and how they can help an individual deal or manage stress. 

But what exactly is coping and how does it help us? According to PositivePsychology.com, coping refers to cognitive and behavioural strategies that people use to deal with stressful situations or difficult demands, whether they are internal or external. Whether it be the pandemic, losing a job, an argument with a friend, or just having “one of those days” , take a look at the list below for ideas of how to deal or manage stress. Hopefully one resonates with you or if not, maybe one will inspire you to create your own healthy coping mechanism. Either way, try a couple or just one to see which healthy coping mechanism and/or self care activity works for you: 


  1. Meditating

  2. Stretching
  3. Exercising 
  4. Reading
  5. Spending time outside in nature
  6. Taking a hot shower or bath
  7. Writing in a journal 
  8. Calling a friend on the phone
  9. Asking a trusted friend or family member for support 
  10. Try a new activity 
  11. Do a word search or crossword puzzle
  12. Listening to music 

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