Healthy anger vs. unhealthy anger

In today’s society, anger is often portrayed as a negative emotion and we are discouraged to show this emotion. What if we thought of anger as a way to communicate personal boundaries or a motivating force to push us towards achieving our goals while facing hardships? Would we still discourage all feelings of anger in ourselves and others around us? Is there a way to spin anger into a positive way to display emotion?

There are two types of anger: healthy and unhealthy anger. Healthy anger is described as fresh emotion focused on resolving a problem or communicating an injustice. This type of anger is short lived and dissolves quickly after working towards a solution. Those who display healthy anger communicate to others in a clear and effective manner. You will know if you are feeling a healthy anger when you and those who you express your anger to feel okay afterwards. On the other hand, unhealthy anger creates thoughts of wanting to hurt other people just as you have and feelings of rage. This type of anger can be identified by feelings of not wanting to let go or you notice that you have negative thoughts post interaction and communication. 

If you would like help distinguishing how to display healthy anger vs unhealthy anger,  contact Safe and Sound Therapeutics for guidance. 

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