In the book “Boys Adrift,” by Dr. Sax, he outlines guidelines on the appropriate use of video games based on the work of Professor Craig Anderson.

1. Content – be aware of the “M” for Mature and “T” for Teen classifications when it comes to game ratings. At the end of the day, you, the parent, can deem what is appropriate for your son. Some parents find it can be beneficial to familiarize themselves with the game first before their son plays it

2. Time – Setting a time limit for video game playing can be a way to incorporate balance into your son’s life. Try 40 minutes or less on school nights and 60 minutes or less on weekends after all homework and chores are completed.

3. Activities displaced – Excess video gaming can derail your son from participating in other activities. Go over priorities with your son; create an order such as family, school, friends and then video games.

If your son plays video games, try implementing the above guidelines to incorporate balance into their life.

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