Earth Day Activities for Kids


10 activities to do with kids to celebrate Earth Week:


  1. Connect with nature – such as a walk in the park 
  2. Organize an Earth Day scavenger hunt – draw a list of flowers they see, spotting birds, collecting litter and recycling (with the proper equipment of course!)
  3. Hang birdseed ornaments – check for recipes and how-to’s online
  4. Build an insect hotel – with tree bark, pinecones and anything else they can find
  5. Grow a love for plants with seed jars – create a mini garden inside
  6. Build a cardboard tube bird feeder – check for recipes and how-to’s online
  7. Learn about recycling and composting
  8. Make a bee and butterfly garden 
  9. Make an Earth Day handprint keepsake – using salt dough 
  10. Eat Earth Day tasty treats – because who doesn’t love a dirt and worm cup?! 


Try one of these activities with your kids to celebrate the Earth! 

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