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DST Part 2!


We return to Keith Fridel’s Ph.D. article on tips to help us spring forward. Check out the 6 tips below!

1. Go to bed a bit earlier – be kind to your future self by starting your nighttime routine a couple minutes. It can also be helpful to turn your clocks forward the day before

2. Be consistent – wake up at the same time to keep that sleep cycle regular (even on the weekends).

3. Enjoy the longer evenings – get out and enjoy that sunshine! Did you know that sunshine helps naturally reset your body clock?

4. Exercise – helps you sleep better and feel better!

5. Be mindful of what you eat and drink – eat dinner a bit earlier in the evening to give your digestion system some time to digest all that yummy food before going to bed

6. Reduce screen time – try to get off of screens 2 hours before bed to decrease the blue light that stimulates your brain

If you need or want more tips to help you adjust to the change in time, reach out to us at Safe and Sound Therapeutics.

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