Dedicated Worry Time


Do you ever have non stop racing thoughts whirling around in your head when it is time for bed? Do these thoughts interfere with your sleep? Guess what? You are not alone! 

The writers and editors of the most recent Health Magazine, took a dive into this and found a tool to counteract those worrying thoughts at bedtime. They suggested scheduling a dedicated “worry time” in the evening. For it to be the most beneficial,  plan this time for at least an hour before you want to hit the hay and have the location be somewhere besides your bedroom. This could be the couch, another room, a spot on your deck or on a yoga mat. The goal is to sit down for 15 minutes or so and write down all your concerns and thoughts. It could be pages or just one line! The benefit of this activity is that it gives your brain a chance to expel and get rid of those worrisome thoughts so they don’t interfere with your sleeping. 

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