My therapeutic approach is simple. I come from a humanistic, transpersonal perspective, where we work together to reveal and ultimately boost your own personal resources in order to grow and better your life.

I am trained in ACT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which is an empirically studied and evidence-based approach. It is well researched and is particularly effective with generalized anxiety disorders. How is ACT different than CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

What Happens in an ACT Session?

The main components of ACT are psycho-education about the key mechanisms of the treatment theory, mindfulness, cognitive defusion, and values clarification. Note: Values are different than goals.

Sessions can include the practice of mindfulness exercises designed to foster nonjudgmental, healthy awareness of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and memories that have otherwise been avoided.
Once the content of your innermost experience is identified, the therapist uses discussion and cognitive exercises to help you reframe or make different sense of the narrative and then accept it as your personal experience.
To the extent that your actions are inconsistent with your personal values of what makes for a meaningful life, the therapist will help highlight incongruence and engage you in a conversation about your values and the actions that might move you closer to them. Within this, we do our best together to create forward motion. We may incorporate Expressive Art Therapy as a means of delving into our values or core issues. Having an experiential session is important for transformation and growth.
As an ACT therapist, I may assign homework to practice between sessions, such as mindfulness, cognitive, or values clarification exercises. The homework is agreed upon between between us and can be modified to make it as personal and useful as possible.


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