Box breathing


Box breathing is a tool that Navy SEALs use to aid in stress management when in a high stress environment or situation. BUT you don’t have to be a Navy SEAL to benefit from this effective mindfulness technique. Just as the name implies you breathe as if you were going around a box, thus dividing your breathing along the four edges of a box. In a medically reviewed article on, the 4 steps of box breathing include: 


Step 1: inhale slowly through your nose while counting in your head to four, concentrate on filling your lungs and tummy with air, let your body feel how air is filling your lungs. 


Step 2: take a deep breath and hold your breath while mentally counting to four again


Step 3: exhale slowly through your mouth while counting in your head to four, at the same time concentrate on getting all the air out of your lungs at once


Step 4: take a deep breath and hold this breath while you mentally count to four again


Keep repeating these steps above until you feel yourself becoming calmer and relaxed 


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