Balance is key when it comes to boys and video games

Friedrich Nietzsche was a German classical scholar, philosopher, critic of culture and was one of the most influential of all modern thinkers. One of his more famous insights was the “will to power.” He explains that individuals want to be in charge of their environment, however what distinguishes people who are motivated by the will to power from other people is that the will to power takes precedence over other drives and perspectives. In the book: Boys Adrift by Dr. Leonard Sax; he describes how most females believe that to be well liked and being thought of is more important than being in charge. But for some males they would rather be in charge then well liked. 


Dr. Sax explains that certain video games in which the boy has to shoot and kill his way to victory can give them these feelings of power and control that they crave. However, this doesn’t apply to all boys. It’s important to note, that if time spent on video games is crowding out time spent with friends or time spent on homework, then the boy is spending too much time on video games. If this is happening, have the boy play in moderation to create a more balanced lifestyle. 


On a positive note, Dr. Sax explains that the power of will is not all negative as boys can be motivated by it. In earlier generations, they might have grown up to be successful entrepreneurs, innovators, explorers, politicians, soldiers and ultimately create a productive niche for themselves. 


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