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10 ways a parent can help their autistic child 

  1. Get your child out in the community
  2. Join a parent group and/or your school district’s special education PTA
  3. If you can afford it, hire an advocate to check out your child’s school program
  4. If possible, volunteer at school functions or offer to be a class mom
  5. No matter how difficult your child can be, take any offer of babysitting you can and get out.
  6. Now that your child’s program is set, tackle the big issues one at a time- perhaps it’s sleeping, or eating, or potty training
  7. Educate your friends and family as to what’s going on in your household
  8. Make those doctor appointments for yourself that you’ve been putting off
  9. Get involved in an autism walk in your community
  10. Take care of yourself, not just your kid. 

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