Are You Practicing?

are you practicing?

Why would you want a daily practice of mindfulness?

Slowing down in order to speed up seems counterintuitive. When we take time to just slow down and stop, we are given a chance to connect our mind with our body. Consciousness does not just reside in the mind, it also exists in our bodies and maybe even in a space beyond us. Making time to create a personal ritual can change your life, your thinking and even solve your problems.

1.) Choose a practice

There are many practices available. Click “Choose a Practice” for some ideas.

While I was completing the last year of my Master degree my practice was “Cloud Watching”. Surprisingly watching clouds for one year deeply affected my thinking. I came to know that a cloud never dies and many other insights. Just from taking 10 minutes per day of watching the clouds in the sky.

2.) Create the space

The most important part of this step is to create a space that you want to be in every single day. A space that feels warm and inviting—where you can put your own energetic seasoning on it. For my cloud watching I was able to do this from my office window or by sitting in a little garden in my back yard. If I was not home, I was able to sit or stand quietly watching the sky. (I had small children at the time, so sitting at the park and watching while my boys played was easy).

If it feels comfortable to do so, add some design flair to it, such as the following items:

  • Candles
  • Journals and spiritual books
  • Photos that make you smile
  • Sacred objects
  • Art
  • Comfortable pillows
  • Meaningful family heirlooms and trinkets
  • Your favourite affirmations written out
  • Essential oils and other scents

3.) Commit

Once you have created your routine and made the space to practice, it’s important to honor your heart’s desires by committing to your growth. Make an agreement with yourself to give this your personal best by writing out your intentions and saying them out loud. For example:

“I _______ plan to nourish my highest self by participating in this spiritual practice each morning. I will strive to do this a minimum of ____ times a week. I am enhancing and healing these areas of my life: ________. I honor the desires of my heart through consistency.”

When you have finished and if it feels comfortable for you, place this paper in a place you will see it often as a reminder of your vision for yourself.

4.) Begin

It’s one thing to think about practicing and it is another to actually do it.

5.) Be open to the transformation of your practice

After practicing for a while you will begin to notice a shift in how you practice and how you think. Notice these shifts and adjust your practice to align with your new insights. Maybe you add a something to it, or maybe you take something away. For me, I ended up adding a short mantra at the end of my 10 minutes, “I am eternal”. Overtime, more shifts and changes occurred. Be flexible within your daily practice and be curious about what arises.

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