All the Pretty Horses

Improved mental state occurs when you ride horses.

Physical activity is considered to be the most important link between health and mental wellbeing (Steptoe et al., 2015).

The relationship between horseback riding with physical, psychological, and social wellbeing was studied by Schwarzmüller-Erber et al, 2021 and this is what was discovered.

1.) Exercise Level Increased

Middle- and older-aged people who engage in recreational horseback riding and associated horse-care tasks (riding, cleaning, saddling) achieved the recommended activity levels for adults per week: 150 min of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week or 500–1000 MET-minutes per week (Ainsworth et al., 2011; Parger, 2009; Titze et al., 2014; World Health Organization, 2020b).

2.) Positive Mood Level Boosted

Further, recreational horseback riders and dog owners reported higher physical, psychological, and social wellbeing than non-pet owners. Riders’ positive mood is long-lasting and extends into later everyday activities. This study adds evidence to existing knowledge about activities with animals, regardless of whether with dogs or horses, which strongly supports the suggestion that physical activity with these animals helps people to reach their recommended activity levels and thereby promotes good wellbeing and health.

Time to ride!


Schwarzmüller-Erber, G., Maier, M., Stummer, H., & Kundi, M. (09/03/2021). Recreational horseback riding and its    association with physical, mental, and social wellbeing and perceived health Published by University Press of New England for Delta Society. doi:10.1080/08927936.2021.1926709

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