Shauna Paynter B.Sc, PDPP, M.A, RCC.

Shauna is the owner and operator of Safe & Sound Therapeutics Inc. She has 8 years experience as a therapist, specializing in Acceptance & Commitment Training. She obtained her Master of Art in Transpersonal Psychology through Sophia University in Palo Alto, California. Her undergraduate studies include a Bachelor of Science in Biology from UBC and a Professional Post Degree specialization in High School Education from University of Victoria. 

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Brittnay Nickel B.A, M.A (in progress) Intern Counsellor

Brittany has 10 years of experience supporting children, youth and parents in various settings such as foster care, schools, and specialized care facilities. She is currently completing her Master of Clinical Counselling through Gonzaga University. 

Bernese Mountain Dog

Kingsley, Therapy Dog in Training

Kingsley Laird O The Manor is currently in training to assist clients in Safe & Sound Therapeutics. He is now 5 1/2 months old and attends puppy school twice a week. He will be joining the BARK program with UBC in 2023 after he passes his assessment. 

In the meantime, he will be making regular appearances at the office starting January 2023 in order to familiarize himself with the clinic!