9 ways to increase your mental fitness

9 ways to increase your mental fitness


How does one increase their mental fitness? See the list below for a couple ideas on how to flex that mental fitness muscle:

1. Guided imagery  Рa relaxation strategy that focuses your imagination to create a peaceful image in your mind

2. Gratitude – make a short list to practice being grateful for the things in your life

3. Mindful activities – participate in an activity that takes your mind of stressors

4. Breathing exercises – such as deep breathing or box breathing

5. Sleep – rest and digest

6. Exercise – one important way to improve psychological well being

7. Journaling – can help you express the thoughts, emotions and feelings you experienced throughout the day

8. Reading – another relaxation technique

9. Playing games – one way to keep your mind sharp and test your reasoning

Try one out today and see what happens!

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