Self-soothe: How-to

Self-soothe: How-to


According to the article by Jonice Webb, Ph.D., posted on April 10, 2022 on Psychology Today, there are 4 steps one can take to learn how to effectively self-soothe when faced with a difficult situation. Check them out below!


Step 1: Create a list of possible activities that could be potential strategies for when you are feeling overwhelmed. The limit does not exist! List all of the activities you can think of for possible strategies that you can always refer back to.

Step 2: Keep on the lookout for strong feelings and emotions that arise, such as anger, frustration, hurt or sadness or other strong emotions that are too painful to manage. When they arise, this is when you grab your list and utilize one of the many possible strategies you listed in Step 1.

Step 3: Continually try different strategies and activities for different emotions, make a note on which ones are effective for you and which ones weren’t. Keep trying different strategies and activities. 

Step 4: Check off which activities and strategies worked for you on your list made in Step 1. This way you can easily refer back to the list when needed. Continue to add new strategies and activities as they occur; learning to self-soothe is a work in progress.


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