Did you know that Exposure and response prevention (ERP) is an evidence-based treatment for those who experience OCD?! ERP works by stopping the link between obsessional thoughts, images, urges or impulses and the compulsive things that one with OCD does to reduce the distress or anxiety that they cause. 


When learning ERP, one completes exercises that gradually expose you to situations that bring on or cue obsessions without carrying out compulsions. These exercises are completed in a graded way, therefore, become manageable for the client. 


The Vicious Circle of Obsessions and Compulsions Obsessions are the thoughts, images, impulses or urges that someone with OCD experiences. These thoughts, images, impulses or urges are unwanted, happen frequently and are unpleasant. Also they cause the person with OCD high distress or anxiety. Often called “neutralising” the distress of the obsession causes the person to carry out a compulsion to decrease the distress. Examples of compulsions can be external such as washing or checking as well as internal such as counting or repeating words. Life for someone who has OCD can become restricted due to avoidance of situations, people or objects that may trigger their obsessions or distress. There is some good news though! ERP is an effective way to help people who experience OCD be able to manage and reduce symptoms, so they can get back to enjoying life. 

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