10 Earth week activities for adults


Earth week activities aren’t just for kids,  adults can get involved too! 

Check out the list below: 

  1. Celebrate with co-workers – “lights out” hour, replace all plastic cutlery with reusable or compostable brands 
  2. Raise awareness – let your friends and family members know green initiatives they can participate in
  3. Volunteer to clear your local street, river or downtown area – grab a loved one to join or go solo and make a new friend 
  4. Hold a plant potting party 
  5. Go for a hike or walk 
  6. Go bird watching – grab the binoculars and head outside!
  7. Upcycle at home – use old pasta jars for decor or repurpose cardboard boxes into storage bins
  8. Clean out a closet and donate items 
  9. Organize a car-pool 
  10. Shop at a local sustainable businesses – such a s refill store


Try one of these activities to celebrate the Earth! 

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